The Feast


Eid al Adha also known as the Feast of Sacrifice is the biggest celebration in Islam worldwide. That day is a commemoration of Ibrahim and his willingness to sacrifice his only son as per Allah’s request. Before Ibrahim could sacrifice his son, Allah provided a lamb instead. Traditionally, an animal is sacrificed and the meat is divided into three parts and shared, one portion going to the needy, another is kept home and the last one is given to friends and relatives.


In 2018, it was celebrated on August 23rd, on that day, photographer Selorm Jay @fullish_art documented the rituals involved in observing the festivities. He had the opportunity to document the sacrifice of a camel as part of the preparation of the Eid al Adha festivities in his neighborhood in Awoshie-Abrantie. This year, he decided to print out ten of the pictures and share them with the community.


Personal project 



Date : 

August 2019

Venue :

Awoshie, Accra

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