Accra Art Fair


Inspired by the 2019 success of the ‘Year of Return’, 2020 turns the page to an exciting new chapter, ‘Beyond the Return’ and the Arts are set to follow in suit. The Accra Art Fair (AAF) will begin the year’s schedule, at Untamed Empire, in partnership with the Gertrude Foundation, with a showing on March 13th for various stakeholders in efforts to build a sustainable art ecosystem in Ghana and public showings displaying some of the best of Ghanaian Art on March 14th and 15th. Curation for the show is by Esse Dabla, the Cultural Producer and Curator of Kuenyehia Trust for Contemporary Art. The general admission is from noon to 7pm on March 14th and 15th; it will be free of charge, and it is open to all.

Accra Art Fair / Gertrude Foundation
Date : 
March 2020
Venue :
Untamed Empire, Accra
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